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Why didn't Fox complain about the New York Posts Nazi analogies?

This is the letter I sent to Fox News, after reading FAIR's evaluation of Fox News flak against MoveOn:

While Fox devoted much reporting to the submission of two video adverts to which compared Bush to Hitler, why didn't Fox complain about the New York Post's Nazi analogies? The New York Post's Ralph Peters article "Howard the Coward" on January 5th made references to Howard being a Hitler type figure. Since Fox News claims itself to be "Fair and Balanced", it should report such derogatory reporting (given that article was sanctioned by the editorial apparatus of the New York Post compared to merely accepting the video adverts).

On the question of "Fair and Balanced" reporting, why does Fox news champion U.S foreign policy and freedom of expression and yet is part of Newscorp, which owns Star Channel broadcasting into China which pushes a pro-Chinese government line complete with censorship of anti-Beijing dissent and in particular pulled broadcast of the BBC world news into China at the request of the Chinese government? Could it be that Newscorp is nothing but an outsourced propaganda machine, for hire by governments to push a one-sided pro-government line and to generate flak against any dissenters? Could it be that the price of hiring Newscorps various propaganda outlets is allowance of increased concentration of ownership of the media, with Newscorp being one of the major benefactors?

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