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Caribbean Wedding

In March I joined Jill and many friends in Puerto Rico to celebrate Anja and Tetsu's wedding. As part of the celebrations and ceremony, I had written the titled little piece for guitar for them that I played on the beach at sunset. I wasn't really familiar with the guitar I borrowed & a bit nervy, so I fluff it a bit but the recording captures the atmosphere of playing with the early evening waves rolling in on the beach. It was a beautiful day.

the virtuoso goes virtuell

dear Leigh,

how lovely to hear it again after that susnet time on the beach!

we also are having more time to appreciate after the posse scattered again ino the EV, Europe and West Coast :)

What an honour ot have our own song (and played so beautifully too)!

Not enough thanks can be possibly spoken - so here is "one big love" as Jordan would say !


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