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The Bag-men of Kennedy Bonds?

There seems to be more intrigue in the situation of dollar stability. The financial news outlet Bloomberg reported about a month ago (this completely missed me) the story of two Japanese businessmen arrested in Italy for trying to smuggle $134B in U.S. Treasury bonds into Switzerland.

The story seems remarkably buried and surrounded by conspiracy theories. The BBC tries to paint the whole story as just hot air created by bloggers, but does reveal the bonds have been sent to the U.S. for verification if they are genuine. There is better analysis from AsiaNews, via the Catholic, and further reporting by AsiaNews, including unconfirmed reports one of the men is the brother of the former vice-president of the Bank of Japan. Since it's in the interest of the U.S Treasury to declare that the bonds are fake, whether they are or not, don't be surprised when they declare so.

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