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Obamas score card

In case anyone in the Democratic party is wondering why support disappeared in Massachusetts, perhaps examining the score card of the Obama administration will reveal why some people feel the behaviour of the executive is little different from the war criminal he replaced.

  • Gave money to the banking executives and left the majority of victims of their predatory lending with no support. He should have just nationalised any bank going bust, sacked the executive boards, and established a means to renegotiate usury mortgages.
  • Attacked a country (Pakistan) which had not attacked the U.S. in the first week of taking office. Even Bush took 9 months before he acted like Hitler.
  • Did nothing to reduce the imprisonment and execution of prisoners, who are over represented by young black and Hispanic men.
  • Continued to employ mercenaries to murder civilians in Afghanistan. Added a surge that Bush would have been proud of.
  • Used an opportunity on receiving the Nobel peace prize to argue for war.
  • Did not achieve the closing of Guantanamo bay and instead continued to cover up the torture and murder of inmates there.
  • Actively enabled a coup in Honduras.
  • His executive did everything in their power to remove the single payer health care and now the public option and allowed those to be replaced with charging people who can least afford health care.
  • Said many pretty words, but when needed to, did nothing to stop the Israeli apartheid regime continuing to illegally seize land in the West Bank and continue the slow starvation of the people of Gaza.
  • Ignored the rest of the world, and made no concessions on meeting a meaningful carbon reduction target, proposing 4% reduction without negotiation, compared to Europe's 20+%.
  • Appointed the two arch criminals of disaster capitalism, Clinton and Bush to fund raise for rebuilding Haiti. May well come close to "Brownie's" "heck of a job" in ignoring the suffering by sending U.S military to occupy Haiti, intimidate or kill the victims, rather than sending adequate doctors, medical supplies, food and water as the first items off the planes.
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