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Ancient Ensoniq Mirage Samples and MS-DOS Utilities

Many moons ago, I used to own an Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard.

There are still a number of people using the Mirage, so here is a source of info for those souls still enjoying the 2 LED interface...

These samples and downloads originally came from the Music Software Exchange, which retailed (for nominal shipping fee) Public Domain music software. I haven't seen any further adverts for them, so all the disks I have I've put up here.

Please don't ask me for the source of the operating system disks. I sold my Mirage a long time ago and don't know anyone with one. There are many other sites devoted to people who continue to use the Mirage, or contact Ensoniq.

You'll need:

  • The MASOS operating system diskette for the Mirage. This is different from the standard V3.2 Mirage operating system disk.
  • An MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface (a Soundblaster should work) running on port 0x330. This is the default address so unless you changed something it should work.
  • The files are compressed with zip which exists on many platforms, if you don't have it, do a web search.

The available disks hold:

  • - MSE original catalog of ancient MIDI public domain software
  • - MS-DOS Utilities for communicating between an IBM PC equipped with a Roland MPU-401 and a Mirage.
  • - MS-DOS Utilities for reading Mirage formatted disks, ESQ-1 synth sys-ex librarians, MIDI specifications of MASOS.
  • - Yamaha CD70 Electric Piano, Picked Bass samples
  • - Cars taking off, Thunder and Rain samples
  • - Chimes, Cave Organ samples
  • - Part 1 of a collection of MIDI utilities
  • - Part 2 of a collection of MIDI utilities
  • - Part 3 of a collection of MIDI utilities
  • - Part 1 of a collection of MIDI programming routines
  • - A Generic MIDI Sys-ex librarian
  • - Speaker design software, etc
  • - An Unix script and C source to convert the sample disks to .aiff format (or easily any other format) with Sox.


catalog.zip83.3 KB
ensu2.zip38.08 KB
ensu1.zip141.31 KB
msam01.zip133.77 KB
msam02.zip128 KB
msam05.zip172.14 KB
midu01.zip171.82 KB
midu02.zip115.71 KB
midu03.zip168.52 KB
midp01.zip148.89 KB
glbr01.zip102.33 KB
kgdu02.zip96.27 KB
MirageConvert.zip1.5 KB
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