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The passing of Peter Smith (8/4/1943 - 29/9/2011)

My father Peter Smith passed away this morning at 10:37am at Kalamunda hospital. Thankfully I was able to be with him, my sister Gaye, and mother Dorothy at the time of his passing, which was peaceful. His condition had deteriorated very rapidly and thankfully this kept his suffering to a minimum. Thank you all for your kind wishes.

Createasphere conference

A heads up that I will be on a panel at the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference entitled Is Your DAM REALLY Ready for Audio & Video Files? This will be a great opportunity to discuss some of the work that Imagine Research has been working on over the last year.

Beat Tracking References


Here are a set of references that I cite in my CCRMA MIR workshop presentation at Stanford University this week.

Leigh Smith

CCRMA MIR Workshop notes

Yèkèrmo Sèw

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with some really talented and funny guys while at IRCAM. One outcome of this was some jamming and recording in a small jazz group with Juan Jose Burred, Gilles Degottex and Pierre Lanchantin. Here is our recording of Yèkèrmo Sèw, a piece written by the Ethiopian composer Mulatu Astatqé.

Fixing a Roland PC-200 MIDI keyboard controller

Continuing in my series of keyboard repair blogs, I recently bailed an old Roland PC-200 keyboard out of storage. This old guy is just a 4 octave MIDI controller (no sound generator), but it fit the bill for having a reasonably sized polyphonic keyboard for a NYC apartment. Unfortunately it had long ago developed a problem with an F# key no longer working.

While there are newer controllers with many more buttons and polyphonic aftertouch, it seemed such a waste to replace it just because one key didn't work. After a little net research, a problem with many keyboards is that the carbon contact pads glued onto the rubber deteriorates. Replacements for these are available, but this was not a solution to the problem in this case.

Restoring a Micromoog

Some time back, I acquired a Micromoog analog, monophonic synth. These little beasts are a single oscillator synth, but include a sub-oscillator, 24dB/Oct filter, good modulation, ribbon pitch bend and CV interfacing. The clincher was one appeared cheap on Ebay advertised as requiring "Tender Loving Care": the wooden base needed replacing, but that it did work.

I already have a Multimoog, which is a two oscillator, pressure sensitive keyboard version of the Micromoog, and the thought of operating the two in unison was too great an opportunity. The Multimoog needs work on the power supply and obtaining a Micromoog helps diagnose the Multimoog's power supply behaviour. Expect a blog about the Multimoog in the future.

Resurrecting a PowerMac G4

PowerMac G4 (Mirror Drive Door) powersupply replacementPowerMac G4 (Mirror Drive Door) powersupply replacement

A friend who has returned to studies, and therefore low on cash, had bought a second hand PowerMac G4 Mirror Drive Door model. After a good many years of service with the previous owner, and a year with him, the G4's power supply died, as that model is inclined to do.

Repairing the powersupply is dangerous and difficult, and obtaining a second hand replacement is expensive, and that model was notorious for how loud the power supply was.

Hills of Leh, Ladakh, India, July 2001

Leh Palace: The hills surrounding Leh Palace, Leh, Ladakh, India, July 2001. Formed by An equirectangular stitching of 4 images.Leh Palace: The hills surrounding Leh Palace, Leh, Ladakh, India, July 2001. Formed by An equirectangular stitching of 4 images.

I'm a Twit...

Yes, I've succumbed to another form of distraction, I'm now tweeting on twitter.

It was the combination of Jordan's hilarious International Jet Trash and Henkjan's Music Cognition tweets which made unable to resist...

My letter to Chris Bowen

Courtesy of the Australian Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, there is a letter writing campaign to Chris Bowen, the new minister for immigration in Australia. Here's my letter:

Dear Minister,

It’s time to fix our immigration system.

Our current immigration system is failing the world’s most vulnerable people.

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