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Caged Prisoners

A site I hadn't discovered previously which covers the plight of the approximately 700 prisoners detained and probably tortured at Guantanamo Bay is This includes monitoring of press releases concerning the Australian detainees David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib.

Beating the War Addiction of the Five Point Plan

Given Bush's history as an alcoholic and born-again Christian, I suppose it is fitting he proposed a "five point plan" to address his failings in Iraq. Of course, there was little new in the speech, he was clearly only speaking to his voting block to give them something to believe in. United for Peace and Justice has a succinct rebuke of his five point plan.

Africa establishes its own Security Council

The African Union is reported to have established it's own Peace and Security Council to deal with issues related to African conflict.

Torture Commander Evasive

Major General Geoffrey Millers testimony has been called into question by members of the Senate inquiry investigating the prisoner torture. Miller was the former commander of Guantanamo Bay and responsible for implementing the torture of prisoners there and now put in to replace Brigadier General Janis Karpinski after it was found she allowed his orders to "Gitmoize" Abu Ghraib prison to be carried out.

Control Room

Just saw Control Room, an excellent documentary examining the nature of subjectivity in news reporting. From the co-director of, it is an investigation of staff at al-Jazeera, the now well known Arabic satellite TV channel.

It is telling how this gulf war has repeated the rise in position of a TV network in the same fashion to CNN during the 1990 gulf war.

A Marine Speaks Out

Courtesy of Jill, an interview with a Marine NCO, honourably discharged after serving in Iraq. He relates experiences firing on unarmed civilians when driving motor vehicles and firing on unarmed demonstrators. It is worth noting that reports in the New York Times of U.S.

Enforcing the Geneva Conventions

With the giant jellyfish starting to revert to it's role of stenographer in the prison abuse scandal, reporting the MP's getting sent down, but not pushing how high it goes, it's worth noting there are knowledgeable sites that continue to tackle the full breadth of the issue.

The Bush-house in a Nutshell

I struggle to sum up the Bush administrations behaviour any more succinctly than this

It is a pattern of wishful thinking, blinding moral outrage, willful ignorance of foreign cultures, a naive faith in American triumphalism, a contempt for the messy compromises of diplomacy, and a knee-jerk refusal to do anything the way the Clinton administration did it.

Bush's Christian Zionist Polity

Further confirmation that the Bush-house policy is beholden to apocalyptic Christians. Note that the NSC Near East and North African Affairs director Elliott Abrams was convicted of masterminding the illegal Iran-Contra scandal and only escaped jail because of Bush I's pardon.

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