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Hicks claim of Torture

One of the Australian citizens held at Guantanamo Bay, David Hicks has been claimed to have been tortured by his Australian lawyer Stephen Kenny.

Right of Return

After the Bush administration revealed it's full credentials to be the U.S. wing of the Likud party in cancelling the historic U.S. policy towards the Israel/Palestine issue, and attempting to condone occupation of the West Bank, the condemnation has been widespread, although downplayed within the U.S by the jellyfish.

Sex for Money

A central tenet of the ideology of the Nazi party was the role of the family. The structure of social control in Nazi Germany was an aggregation of social groups, with the basic "building block" being the nuclear family: Mum, Dad, the kids. Any role outside of that family group therefore represented a threat, hence persecution of homosexuals and socialists preceded the more well documented abuses of Gypsies and Jews by that regime.

My letter to Rush

This is what I wrote to Rush Limbaugh ( the least I can do is inflict more spam mail on him):

I'm proud to say I've never listened to your show and never intend to. However, I read transcripts of your comments attempting to equate the torture of prisoners by U.S. military with college pranks:

The Giant Jellyfish and the Ghoul

While its encouraging to see some spine developing in the giant jellyfish that is the corporate media, there is severely inconsistent coverage of the torture scandal and many questions only really asked by a few informed commentators. Evidence of the use of torture by the U.S military are not new, as I previously noted.

The Cost

While the neocons pat themselves on the back for finally settling on an excuse (regime change) to have invaded Iraq, there are now appearing sites which illustrate some of the cost of this insane expedition. Don't expect the corporate media to print any of these, the mandarins learnt their lessons from the Vietnam and Falklands conflicts very well. Every so often, tears appear in the manufactured web of consent for this re-colonisation.

World Tribunal on Iraq

On May 8th, the World Tribunal on Iraq is holding it's hearings in New York. This is a world wide tribunal to consider the actions of the U.S. and it's allies in the C.P.A in the illegal invasion of Iraq as crimes against humanity. The principle human rights violation of crime against the peace was the basis for trials against the Nazi regime in Germany for it's acts of aggression against the world.

Afghan Women

Lest we all adopt the "don't worry, be happy" attitude of the Bush administration towards Afghanistan, post U.S. invasion of that country, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan illuminates the continuing plight of the women of that country.

Religious Driven Foreign Policy

An insightful article on the religious lunacy controlling (through a minority voting block) U.S. foreign policy.

Iraq's Oil Wars

A well written summary of Iraq's military history and the impact of oil influence and control. Particularly revealing for me was the degree of influence BP has on the Blair government, while we're all well aware of the influence oil companies have on the Bush government.

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