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Blowback Alert

So now the Bush Admin has realised no country that forms it's foreign policy in some consultation with its citizens wants to engage in illegal occupations, there is a need to draft further peace-keepers.

In classically racist fashion, the Bush administration is targetting African countries to receive funding to train and provide "peacekeepers". This is problematic for a number of reasons.


Nicole, Bloody Ripper, Mate...

...more later...

How the Whitehouse allowed 9/11 to occur to act as a justification for attacking Iraq

According to former treasury secretary Paul O'Neill's revelations, it is now known that the Bush whitehouse had unilaterally planned to depose Saddam ten days after presidential inauguration. Completely in contravention of the U.N principle of military preemption to which the U.S. is legally obligated to.

Chomsky on the Militarisation of Space

A recent seminar by Noam Chomsky on the militarisation of space, given at MIT.

Withholding War Taxes

Since the tax day in the U.S. is due, I found a good guide to withholding taxes which are used to fund the current illegal war against Iraq. I found this on the Iraq Peace Team web site, part of the Voices in the Wilderness organisation. At the moment I'm following the fourth recommendation, earn less than the taxable income.

Balance of Trade in Advanced Technologies

I've been reading Emmanuel Todd's "After The Empire", in which he references the Census bureau statistics on balance of trade in advanced technologies.

The numbers speak for themselves, the U.S. is importing more advanced technologies than it is exporting, consistently, since 2001. This is less an indictment of the Bush administration specifically and more a global trend of post Y2K outsourcing of technology services.


The conflict in Aceh, Indonesia does not get much coverage in the U.S, and only passing commentary in Australia, mostly by the leftist press, such as the Green Left Weekly.

I blogged on No Data Source in July last year how the situation in Aceh has progressed:

Get sent down for sharing files

In a bid to imprison the entire U.S. population, congressional committees are currently considering a bill which would lead to imprisonment for people caught sharing 2,500 files via peer-to-peer networks.

Poodle du Jour

Australia's sole support of the U.S. in opposition to the 31-2 motion in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights condemnation of Israel's extra-judicial killing of Sheik Yassin declares us the American "poodle du jour".

Interview with Blix on Disarmament of Iraq

New York University has an archived video of an interview with Hans Blix on his perspective on the disarmament of Iraq. Long and revealing, it includes some gems, particularly his characterisation of UNSCOM's approach as that of "Rambo". Well done, Richard Butler...

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