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A revealing article on the private security guards who constitute the second largest force in Iraq after the U.S. military (approximately 10,000). In any other conflict, and with an ethical media, these people would be called what they are: mercenaries.

A Report of Iraqi Ethnic Tensions

A well written article in The Scotsman on the ethnic tensions and divides in occupied Iraq.

Former Guantanamo Bay Detainees Claim Torture by U.S. Military

From one of the British Guantanamo Bay detainees comes accusations of torture by U.S military while he was held at Bagram airbase, Khandahar and Camp X-ray. This has now been echoed by the other British detainees, released after the U.S could find nothing to charge them for, after two years of illegal detention.

Aristede Interviews

After Aristede was finally allowed a press conference, Democracy Now! has in-depth interviews and analysis of Aristedes claims of kidnapping.

Aristede Being Held Against His Will

It's increasingly clear that Aristede was forcibly removed from office. This is despite efforts by the corporate press to paint a rosy picture of the situation in Haiti, talking up the anti-Aristede protests, while downplaying the pro-Aristede protests.

Would Someone Please Identify the Real President?

Now we have the revelation that the Republican advertisement promoting President G.W. Bush didn't use real firemen, instead using actors. This comes on the heels of the revelation the turkey served by Bush in the Iraq thanksgiving photo-op was also fake, and Paul O'Neill's revelations that the cabinet meetings were scripted.

Did the Bush administration force and aid a coup in Haiti?

As the corporate media celebrates the stabilisation of Haiti, once again the U.S. stands accused of callous disregard for human life as it so often has been guilty of in conflicts such as Rwanda, Bosnia and the first Haitian coup.

However the U.S. administration's complicity is not limited this time to tacit support of the guerrillas - the henchmen of wanted criminals Louis Jodel Chamblain and Guy Phillippe - by refusing to support the democratically elected Aristede government. It stands accused of actively aiding the coup.

Defense Secretary refuses human rights observation of detainees trials

In keeping with the new role of the U.S. to be just as corrupt and dictatorial as any country it has in the past criticised, the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld has refused human rights monitors of it's military trials of Guantanamo Bay detainees. It speciously argues there won't be enough room for them! This is a fine example of Kafkaesque bureaucratic thinking at play, completely missing the U.S. obligation as a signatory to the Geneva conventions and the U.N. Human Rights charter to allow scrutiny of justice.

Preferential voting, the answer to third party candidates

With many Democrats frothing at the mouth over Nader's announcement and an indication via The Nation that:

Dear Mary

Upping the ante in the issue of gay marriage, allows sending Mary Cheney, openly lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney a postcard to ask her why she is tacitly supporting her fathers anti-gay position.

The questions to Mary might not be comfortable, but neither is living a life being denied human dignities like hospital visitation, health care support and inheritance opportunities.

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