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Bush Thinks Outsourcing Is OK

Further to my recent blog Outsourcing, Monopolisation, Stagnation where I outlined hidden causes and implications of outsourcing the last trade surplus producing industry of the western world, technology development, the Seattle Times reports Bush thinks outsourcing is ok.

WMD use in retrospect

Juan Cole in his blog I referenced below states:

Besides, George, your whole argument was that Saddam intended to use those weapons. If he had them but refused to use them when facing a frontal military attack, when exactly would he have used them?

This was something I wrote on the day of the beginning of the bombardment:

Subject: The lie is laid bare
Date: March 20, 2003 1:33:36 PM EST

Rebuttal of Bush's Iraq Justifications

In case anyone had pause to believe anything the President said on Sunday's broadcast, Juan Cole has a good rebuttal to each of President Bush's justifications for invading Iraq.

Experiences of the Jerusalem wall

From a blogger visiting Israel, her experiences and views on the apartheid Jerusalem wall.

OPEC could consider the USD again

Whether OPEC should change the oil transaction currency from US$ to Euros is definitely a topic for consideration at the latest meeting. That said, it appears it is clearly understood by OPEC that this would cause issues for the U.S currency (being one of the largest oil consumers), so OPEC will hold off any discussion of change until it's starting to hurt their bottom line.

A John Cage site

I recently discovered a site dedicated to the composer John Cage:, which provides thorough references of his work. Cage was one of the most innovative modern composers, known particularly for his use of chance, indeterminancy, the prepared piano, early electronics and application of Zen Buddist philosophy in music. He also has the distinction of being the first DJ with his piece Imaginary Landscape #1, using test tone records - in 1935!

The Blamestorming Begins

George Tenet, Director of the CIA made a courageous speech today, defending the intelligence produced by the CIA and then used by the Whitehouse to justify the invasion of Iraq. Courageous in that he chose to use an address at his Alma mater Georgetown university to explain his agency. There he faced a highly professional, experienced set of political journalists that asked probing questions.

Homeland Security Art Exhibition

My friend CJ Lee has just launched her new site containing documentation of her excellent installation exhibitions and projects.

Her latest project in progress is a Homeland Security Garden, which incorporates 200 "security kits" submitted by the public (full disclosure: including one of mine). This will definitely be a great project to see in exhibition (probably in New York City).

Public Access TV hate-speech

Today while channel surfing I landed on the "Judaism" programme screening on BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access TV). The speaker was the Orthodox Rabbi Mordechai Friedman.

It was a sickening programme. Friedman and his co-host described a long list of African Americans (including Bill Cosby, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Al Sharpton) as "Simians", and just to disambiguate, then held up a picture of gorillas describing the only difference between that picture and the people mentioned as that the gorillas were not "anti-semitic".

Open Source Software in Iraq

The geek blog Slashdot has an interesting interview with a journalist in Iraq who is a member of the Iraq Linux User Group. As the country emerges from political (incl. internet) repression, the open question is whether it will then come under corporate oppression, namely beholden to Microsoft's pricing.

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