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Eco-Friendly Bio-Plastics

Courtesy of Kirsty, a report of a plastic and clay composite which reduces hydro-carbon use. Also, use of feathers in plastic production has recently been reported. While we shouldn't need further animal products to replace wood fibre use, clearly other fibre products could offer similar benefits, particularly hardy fibres such as hemp and flax.

Recent Film Recommendations

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised gives a unique look at the degree to which corporate media not only backed the side of the coup attempt against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, but actively participated in creating the illusion of propriety of the coup, to serve their corporate masters. The film is unique in that it documents the actual events unfolding within the presidential palace. As anti-Chavez commentators have noted, it takes a strongly pro-Chavez position.

Paranoid Shift and Conspiracy

A review of the formation of the concept of military-industrial conspiracy, including a short update of Prescott Bush (The U.S. presidents grandfather) dealing with the Nazis during WWII. In precis, it illuminates the inertia in changing of public opinion, such that the majority of the first world population still holds to the belief that their governments would not lie to them.

In my opinion, the article needs to be read with a critical stance, but is illuminating.

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the memories - a flash movie of Saddam's involvement with the CIA. A good history of Iraq I recommend is Tariq Ali's book Bush in Babylon. It gives a detailed review of the history of Iraqi populist struggles against imposed regimes, situating the current conflict and the insurgent movement as yet another chapter in the resistance of the Iraqi people to foreign imperialism.

Remind Us

In light of the recent head of the Iraq Survey Group, David Kays revelations that he believed no weapons programs had been in operation since the end of the first gulf war, a flash movie reminding us of the White Houses claims.

Thanks to Judy for the link.

Vegan Boots

Being vegan, when I finally retired a pair of 8 year old Doc Martens, I was on the lookout for an alternative to leather. Materials science has progressed to the point that we no longer need to use animals for our clothing needs. Neither do we need petrochemicals for plastics; Henry Ford built a plastic car in the 1930s from Hemp, Flax and other cellulose biomass crops. It's all just a question of our will to question our habits.

Plants that detect landmines

Wired has an article on a fascinating approach to landmine detection. The plant is genetically modified to react to nitrogen dioxide emitted into the soil by immediate vicinity landmines, thereby indicating their location. Hopefully such an approach lives up to it's promise.

This would not seem to address unexploded cluster bombs, which unlike landmines, are not banned. Unexploded cluster bombs have taken a terrible toll on Iraqi children.

Hunt for Bin Laden to restart

The Chicago Sun Herald has a story on plans for the U.S. military, mainly special forces, to pursue Bin Laden into Pakistan. The main fear is the assassination of Musharef, with the two attempts blamed on Al Qaida. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he's been left alone for two years and it's an election year, would it?

Outsourcing, Monopolisation, Stagnation

U.S. technology pundits, analysts and political commentators have understandably lamented the outsourcing issue, that is, the rapid transfer of technology jobs to countries such as China and India.

As Robert Cringley noted, the technology industry was the last U.S. industry left that had trade surpluses. If this industry does truly transfer it's main centre of gravity out of the U.S., the country will be floundering with little in the way of underlying economy to fund and prop up it's war economy.

My, there are many bugs in the system...

Clearly bugs are the toys d'annee for the Bush administration. First it (using the National Security Agency) partakes in bugging the offices and homes of diplomats of six undecided countries on the U.N security council as it was trying to push through it's illegal invasion of Iraq. When Katherine Gun blew the whistle on this, rather than actually stop, they pressed the U.K government to arrest her for revealing the illegal and highly embarrassing activities!

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