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SBCL fink build for PPC

I've just posted an updated 1.0.31 install file for SBCL (Steel Bank Common Lisp) to build on PowerPC Macintoshes using the fink package manager. This should eventually appear as part of the unstable section of fink for MacOS 10.5. MacOS 10.5.X is the end of the road for PPC Mac's (and I'm still running a 8 year old cannablised PowerBook G4 to build SBCL). There is another maintainer for the Intel build for SBCL, and the current 1.0.32 in development hopefully should build correctly on MacOS 10.6.

The Bag-men of Kennedy Bonds?

There seems to be more intrigue in the situation of dollar stability. The financial news outlet Bloomberg reported about a month ago (this completely missed me) the story of two Japanese businessmen arrested in Italy for trying to smuggle $134B in U.S. Treasury bonds into Switzerland.

Generating Apple HelpViewer documents from DocBook

Apple's HelpViewer application is quite nice for users to read documentation for their application. The help documentation for each application is authored in HTML, with a couple of extra META tags.

However this is less than ideal if you also want to provide a printed version of the documentation (i.e. PDF), or other file formats, or, as in the case of the MusicKit, we wanted to adopt a common documentation format, without having some documentation authored in RTF, some in HTML etc.

G-202 conversion

I recently finished modifying my main axe, a Roland G-202 guitar synth controller, installing a set of RMC bridge piezoelectric pickups in addition to the original GK-1 hexaphonic pickup electronics. This allows simultaneously controlling both an Axon-100MKII (digital, MIDI) and a Roland GR-300 (analogue) guitar synthesisers. This was to avoid resorting to trying to build a 24-pin splitter and BC-13 (which runs the GK-1 pickups at +/-7V rather than the original +/-15V.

MusicKit V5.6.0 now available

After a period that is much longer than I had hoped for, a new release V5.6.0 of the MusicKit is now available. The change log is huge, but the highlights are:

  • Documentation on building the MusicKit has been improved.
  • Now builds on MacOS 10.5.X Intel or PPC and GNUstep.
  • No longer requires external libraries to build. The system will be built with reduced functionality (mostly impacting the SndKit) if the dependent libraries are not installed.
  • The Iranian Revolutionary Road

    I'm sure many people have been following the Iranian uprising. What we could also be seeing is the death of corporate journalism.

    The control by the government regime of corporate and foreign journalists has put the power and obligation of reporting of the uprising back in the hands of the Iranian people. With the current state of Orwellian control over media distribution, it is now possible to shut down corporate web sites and identify and gag corporate journalists.


    I've been experimenting with panoramic photographs on and off for several years. I've now posted a set shot many years ago now, in NYC and India, using a Kiwi panoramic head and a Kodak DC240.

    Brazil, China and Russia dumping U.S. currency

    As I've mentioned before, the U.S. currency has been under threat of massive deflation if it reverts from it's reserve currency status. In the past, the threat has been from the rise of PetroEuros due to the diversified European political decision making and it's oil dependence. This Clark hypothesis saw oil as the main trigger to a change in security of the U.S. currency through OPEC adopting multiple oil trading currencies instead of relying on the U.S. dollar.

    Detecting onsets and beat tracking in singing

    As part of my work with the EmCAP project, a paper I collaborated on has finally appeared. This reports work that I collaborated with researchers in Plymouth (Martin, Sue) and Barcelona (Hendrik, Amaury, Piotr) as well as Henkjan. We computationally modelled the human perception of onsets of musical notes and tracking of the musical beat. The software determines the beat period from unaccompanied singers that have a variable tempo.

    Ellipiticalis Kemahl (Still Waiting)

    (c. 1994 1:09)

    Some off-centre turntablism in collaboration with Aaran Lodge.

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