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This site provides my research, software, and creative output.

Ellipiticalis Kemahl (Still Waiting)

(c. 1994 1:09)

Some off-centre turntablism in collaboration with Aaran Lodge.


Madal Solo

(c. 1997, 4:07)

A performance on a Nepalese Madal, a double ended drum somewhere between a South Indian Mridangam and a North Indian bayan tabla.



(4/1994 5:42, stereo)

Caribbean Wedding

In March I joined Jill and many friends in Puerto Rico to celebrate Anja and Tetsu's wedding. As part of the celebrations and ceremony, I had written the titled little piece for guitar for them that I played on the beach at sunset. I wasn't really familiar with the guitar I borrowed & a bit nervy, so I fluff it a bit but the recording captures the atmosphere of playing with the early evening waves rolling in on the beach. It was a beautiful day.


Notions of Location

This is a one minute sound piece written Nov. 1993 and presented at the 1993 Evos/PICA Soundweek. It was later performed at the International Computer Music Conference in 1996.

The title refers to the intrinsic distortion of any recording technology, of contrived suggestions of different spaces that we deal with listening to any recording.


EmCAP in the news

PhysOrg do a good job of explaining the findings of the EmCAP project, of which I was a part of while working at UvA with Henkjan and Olivia, and collaborating with Martin, Sue, Emili, Ricard, Hendrik and everyone else in the EmCAP project. Great work, everyone!

Bushfire blamestorming

It only takes a short time before the spectre of disaster capitalism appears in relation to the devastating Australian bush fires. In this case, it is attempting to scapegoat environmentalists as the cause of the bush fires. The claim is that the blazes are due to not clearing undergrowth and that was prevented by lobbying from environmentalists.

New Borns Sense the Beat

My boss at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Dr. Henkjan Honing is interviewed by WNYC about a study that was done along with Olivia Ladinig, my co-worker and the group in Budapest on the ability for newborn babies to detect the beat of musical rhythms. Science daily has further details and a link to the paper.

The Siege of Gaza

The news that the Israeli defence force (IDF) is now using artillery only emphasises the indiscriminate nature of their attacks against the Gaza strip. Artillery is uncontrolled and practically untargetted (even with observers several rounds have to be fired to fix a target). It is almost guaranteed to kill innocent people. Gaza is one of the most overcrowded bodies of land in the world. The indiscrimination in the attacks alone constitutes a war crime.

NLISP updates

This feed is the version control logs of the NLISP software. See for the site page.

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