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My Letter to W.A. Newspapers: Expat climate disbelief

As an expat Aussie living in France and watching the climate debate in Canberra, it is with a sense of shame and disbelief to watch the Labour and Liberal parties obscure the real issues of climate change. Prime minister Rudd's concessions to the Liberal party climate deniers is simply enormous corporate welfare of $5.8 billion to be paid by taxpayers to keep the coal industry polluting. An emissions trading scheme is just permission to pollute by industries who's era is over. Europe has already demonstrated how ineffective an ETS is at reducing carbon, while leading to spiking electricity costs. Australia needs a flat carbon fee that is not able to be manipulated, to properly reflect the cost the country and our children will continue to pay into the future.

The Bag-men of Kennedy Bonds?

There seems to be more intrigue in the situation of dollar stability. The financial news outlet Bloomberg reported about a month ago (this completely missed me) the story of two Japanese businessmen arrested in Italy for trying to smuggle $134B in U.S. Treasury bonds into Switzerland.

The Iranian Revolutionary Road

I'm sure many people have been following the Iranian uprising. What we could also be seeing is the death of corporate journalism.

The control by the government regime of corporate and foreign journalists has put the power and obligation of reporting of the uprising back in the hands of the Iranian people. With the current state of Orwellian control over media distribution, it is now possible to shut down corporate web sites and identify and gag corporate journalists.

Brazil, China and Russia dumping U.S. currency

As I've mentioned before, the U.S. currency has been under threat of massive deflation if it reverts from it's reserve currency status. In the past, the threat has been from the rise of PetroEuros due to the diversified European political decision making and it's oil dependence. This Clark hypothesis saw oil as the main trigger to a change in security of the U.S. currency through OPEC adopting multiple oil trading currencies instead of relying on the U.S. dollar.

Bushfire blamestorming

It only takes a short time before the spectre of disaster capitalism appears in relation to the devastating Australian bush fires. In this case, it is attempting to scapegoat environmentalists as the cause of the bush fires. The claim is that the blazes are due to not clearing undergrowth and that was prevented by lobbying from environmentalists.

The Siege of Gaza

The news that the Israeli defence force (IDF) is now using artillery only emphasises the indiscriminate nature of their attacks against the Gaza strip. Artillery is uncontrolled and practically untargetted (even with observers several rounds have to be fired to fix a target). It is almost guaranteed to kill innocent people. Gaza is one of the most overcrowded bodies of land in the world. The indiscrimination in the attacks alone constitutes a war crime.

Musings on Politics, Art and Technology

Recommendations for Obama's cabinet (guest blog)

Dear President-elect Obama,

Please think big when it comes time to choose your cabinet. You campaigned on change, and that is what your constituents are expecting. This list of recommendations is designed to reflect racial and gender diversity, recognize those who have served in the name of change, and those who clearly wish to have a say in policy making.

Japanese Whale Killers Set Sail

It seems indicative of a return of Japanese rising nationalism and imperialism for the country to be throwing off it's obligations to conform to world law and instead throw a sop to it's politically powerful fishing industry and nationalist sentiments.

It's the oil, stupid

Couldn't have said it better. Once again, from the excellent war in context news service. It dovetails nicely with Naomi Klein's Disaster Capitalism thesis.

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