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Political positions, or information related to world politics

Stephen Colbert

You must see Stephen Colbert's performance at the Washington reporters club dinner. Democracy Now! has it. It truly is one of the most amazing pieces of political satire that's ever been performed, while just a few feet from the Prez himself. Astounding.

Free West Papua!

The bluster by Indonesia, feigning great indignation that Australia this time actually met it's obligations under the U.N Charter of Human Rights and accepted West Papuan refugees from the abuse by Indonesian military, is hardly surprising.

Howard channels Pig-Iron Bob

Howard's desire to sell uranium to China has significant reminiscences of Robert "Pig-Iron Bob" Menzies selling iron-ore to the Japanese totalitarian empire while it was engaging in human rights abuses in Nanking, China in the 1933 invasion of Manchuria.

The Cost of Globalisation: McJobs

Straight from the mouth of corporate America and using the U.S. Federal government statistics higher educated wages are falling, while lower skilled jobs wages ("McJobs") are actually increasing in the U.S. As the article itself posits, it could be a statistical anomaly, or it could be the result of outsourcing as a result of globalisation starting to really impact the white collar workers.


As the debate rages over whether to fund Hamas, "a democratically elected terrorist organization", it's worth considering how the claim of the state of Israel and it's terrorist group, the Ergun, responsible for bombing British hotels in Palestine in 1946, were allowed to be legitimate.

Cruel and Degrading Treatment

The report in the New York Times of the force-feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay is harrowing. The use of restraints and force feeding is undeniably cruel and degrading treatment. While there is some partial acknowledgment that the inmates of Guantanamo bay were far from known militants:


I've been following the press releases of Australian Greens Senator from Tasmania, Dr. Bob Brown for some time. I was delighted to find he is now podcasting, calling in on his mobile phone about his position on issues, called, appropriately enough, Bobcasting. You can find his links also on the iTunes podcast directory.

Cronulla: Blue Singlets Make Better Beachware Than Brown Shirts

The image of a mob of mostly young men in singlets (typically and traditionally blue) attacking a man possibly of Middle Eastern descent crystalises the character of the Cronulla race riot.

Letter sent to the Singaporean Prime Minister's office

I beg you to show clemency to Nguyen Tuong Van, who has rightly been found guilty of drug trafficking. A long period of inprisonment would maintain a strong deterrent against narcotics trafficking and yet produce a future citizen of worth. I understand the firm stand Singapore takes on drug trafficking and support firm but humane action. In this and in most cases the severest penalty is meted to the weak, the manipulated, the stupid, not those organised crime operations actively profitting from the trafficking.

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