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Political positions, or information related to world politics

Australian Worker Shortage Feared

I've just relocated back to Australia, to Sydney, after six years in New York (hence the break in transmission since the last post). I've started a photo-blog for my non-Aus friends who haven't seen much of Sydney. Given a choice, I would have preferred to stay in the U.S. due to all the wonderful, intelligent and creative friends I have first met there. However, the pathetic state of U.S. immigration laws are such that it actively worked against me keeping my money and skills in that country.

Necessary, But Not Sufficient

The reports from newswires indicate that despite the bloodshed, the Iraqi population has voted in higher numbers than expected.

Bush's Man thinks Climate Change is Real and Disasterous

In a rare display of independent thinking for a minion of the Bush administration, the chairman of the official Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change urgently warned that climate change was real and the window of time to address the issue was rapidly closing. Dr Rajendra Pachauri was installed by the Bush-house to replace (at the instigation of Exxon) the previous advisor who had also warned of climate change.

First they come after Commies, Towel-heads, Homo's, and then the Sponge?

Don't let anyone tell you the rightwing conspiracy (as named by Mrs insider herself, Hillary Clinton) have their brains in the right place. It seems the scapegoating has gone a little, err off-track.

Tsunami used to repress Acehnese

The entire tsunami disaster was a preventable catastrophe, if some of the money spent on military invasions by rich nations had been spent on extending the Pacific ocean tsunami warning network to the Indian ocean, the loss of life would have been reduced many-fold.

Tsunami Relief Donations

While everyone is still recovering from holiday overeating and abundance, now's the time to donate to support the victims of the Bengal Bay Tsunami disaster. I donated online at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Other organisations are probably also accepting donations to aid that disaster.

David Hicks Details His Abuse By U.S. Military

David Hicks, one of the Australian citizens held in Guantanamo Bay against the Geneva Conventions has finally been able to make a sworn statement of the abuse he has suffered at the hands of the U.S. military. Available as a PDF (from the amazing Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions, a one man effort to file Amicus briefs with the supreme courts hearing detention cases), it is essential reading to understand some of the torture that is being performed on prisoners.

U.S. Economic Doom Forecast

According to commentary by at least one economist, the melt down of the U.S. economy is very likely, in line with the previous arguments I've presented here before.

Republican Administration support of Saddam's WMDs

Salon has an informative article about the support given by the Reagan and Bush 1 administrations to Saddam to use chemical weapons against his own people and the Iranians.

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