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Political positions, or information related to world politics

It's the Wealth

An article by Rick Perlstein in last weeks Village Voice is worth reading to dispell the notion that it was "moral values" that bought Bush the election. According to Perlstein and the Polysigh blog, it seems that religious voters did not turnout in significantly greater numbers for the 2004 election and then vote for Bush.

Fallujah, the First Victim of the Second Term

The images shown via the BBC (among others) of rampant bulldozing of houses in Fallujah using armoured vehicles is eerily familiar of the illegal collective punishment of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Defence force using Caterpillar bulldozers. As noted by Mark LeVine, the ideology of Israel and the U.S. has converged.

Prudence In The Rule of Law

Proof there is still consideration and sanity in the U.S. courts in this decision concerning the application of POW status to Guantanamo Bay detainee Hamdan:

So Much For Honour Among Capitalists

As the shock begins to recede, significant questions as to the democratic character of the U.S. election persist. One characteristic that stands out clearly is that nearly no-one has heeded Kerry's call for everyone to kiss, make-up and somehow accept Bush's immoral administration.

Four More Years - U.S. Democracy in Memorium

CNN notes that when Kerry called Bush to concede "During the phone call, Bush and Kerry agreed that the divided nation needs to heal, officials said".

U.S Conservatism as Proto-Fascism

Orcinus has a well reasoned comparison of the behaviour of the U.S. conservative movement manifesting itself in the U.S. Republican party, the Christian fundamentalist movement, right-wing media, and more extreme racist groups to behaviour displayed by historical fascist states (Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, Spain under Franco).


The heat is starting to get turned up on Douglas Feith, the creator of the Office of Special Plans, the lie factory created to funnel bogus Iraqi WMD intel into the whitehouse behind the CIA, using the office of the Vice-President (via Lewis Libby, Cheney's aid). Further confirmation of the OSP is here.

Military Corporatism

An engaging animation with commentary on the rising U.S. war machine. The message is a little simplistic for my tastes but makes for some great art.

Columbia Shows The Way in Landmine Demilitarisation

The welcome news of the Colombian military destroying 6,800 landmines during it's conflict with guerillas makes even more pointed the Bush administrations refusal to honour it's landmine removal obligations.

This makes the moral argument of the U.S. election even more stark. A vote for Bush condones landmine use and torture.

Gaza Hell

An eye-witness report of the brutality of the Israeli Defence Forces in the Gaza strip, in particular the assault of the Jabalya refugee camp is devastating reading. Once again the number of Palestinians (the majority of which are civilians including women and children) vastly exceeds the abominable killings of Israeli civilians using home made rockets that triggered the Israeli invasion.

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