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Political positions, or information related to world politics

U.S. as Oil Policeman

An excellent article by Michael Klare, Hampshire College professor of peace and world security studies, highlights the degree to which the U.S. military now fulfils the role of security guard, guarding the world oil pipelines in the Central Asian republics, Latin America and Iraq as it continues to increase it's dependence on imported oil.

Baker and Albright Caught In The Act

Rapidly becoming something of an anti-globalist superwoman, Naomi Klein has an expose on ex-secretary of state James Baker's extraordinary conflict of interest.

Bush Purposefully Prolongs Landmine Use

Something that seems to have gone under reported (or just slipped by me) is the Bush administrations reversal of landmine phaseout. I came across the following statement by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation:

The Result

Well it's probably already known by readers that the Liberal party (conservative, U.S. Republican party supporting) won with an increased majority in the Australian federal elections. I'm going to try to avoid the punditry and over analysis typical of many blogs as to why that happened due to support/rejection of a particular policy proposed by dweedle-dum or dweedle-dee. Most worrying is that the Liberals may have both houses of parliament under their control.

Leigh's How To Vote Card

Given my history of pontifications on this blog and that I am not currently a member of a political party, I may as well offer my analysis of the parties that are standing in my electorate of Curtin in Western Australia for the House of Representatives of federal parliament (which I am eligible to vote in as a registered overseas voter).

Greens Polling Well in Pending Australian Elections

Matching the disgust the British electorate have with both the Tories and New (religious lapdog) Labour in the recent Hartlepool by-election, there is significant rejection of the failed "Laberal" policies in Australia, with party polling showing exceptional support for the Greens.

Military Censorship of Filmmaking

The mealy-mouthed self-censorship of Hollywood is legendary, particularly the Hayes code preventing anything approaching realistic depictions of a variety of adult behaviour. An entertaining description is provided by experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger in Hollywood Bablyon. More frightening is the degree of censorship exercised by the U.S. military in controlling the depiction of U.S. military (and therefore the entire western world public's view of militarism).

Adbusters anti-sweatshop shoe & The Take

The anti-corporate Adbusters group has started an initiative to produce vegan, hemp sneakers which are produced with fair labour conditions. The shoes have a look similar to Converse (which I wear, buying them prior to them going bankrupt and being bought by the sweatshop baron Nike). Each pair purchased buys shares in the fair trading company, establishing collective ownership and democratised investment.

Prescott Bush's Trade with the Nazi's

The Guardian has done further digging into declassified documents detailing how Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush, established the family fortune by trading with the Nazi's during World War II, resulting in him being charged with trading with the enemy.

Saidad or Baghgon?

Tom Engelhardt at makes an excellent, thoughtful comparison of a previous U.S. colonialist adventure and Iraq now. Very well written.

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