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Software Development

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Relating to software development and computer science.

Alphabet Soup

As some readers may already know, I've been squirrelled away working on a music/audio software project for some time. We now (phew) have V2.0 of our product, Alphabet Soup, available as a free demo download.

Outsourcing, Monopolisation, Stagnation

U.S. technology pundits, analysts and political commentators have understandably lamented the outsourcing issue, that is, the rapid transfer of technology jobs to countries such as China and India.

As Robert Cringley noted, the technology industry was the last U.S. industry left that had trade surpluses. If this industry does truly transfer it's main centre of gravity out of the U.S., the country will be floundering with little in the way of underlying economy to fund and prop up it's war economy.

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