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Technologies I find significant, good or bad.


I've been following the press releases of Australian Greens Senator from Tasmania, Dr. Bob Brown for some time. I was delighted to find he is now podcasting, calling in on his mobile phone about his position on issues, called, appropriately enough, Bobcasting. You can find his links also on the iTunes podcast directory.

The Thummer

A project on which I worked for much of 2005 was The Thummer, an innovative musical keyboard which I'm very pleased to see has now reached public release. In particular, their video news release is well worth viewing.

Oil and Sustainable Energy alternatives

The Australian Treasury Minister, Peter Costello, openly admitted the likelihood of Australia becoming substantially dependent on imported oil in the next 10 years. The need for replacement of oil with sustainable energy sources has now become alarmingly imperative.

Alphabet Soup

As some readers may already know, I've been squirrelled away working on a music/audio software project for some time. We now (phew) have V2.0 of our product, Alphabet Soup, available as a free demo download.

Columbia Shows The Way in Landmine Demilitarisation

The welcome news of the Colombian military destroying 6,800 landmines during it's conflict with guerillas makes even more pointed the Bush administrations refusal to honour it's landmine removal obligations.

This makes the moral argument of the U.S. election even more stark. A vote for Bush condones landmine use and torture.

Adbusters anti-sweatshop shoe & The Take

The anti-corporate Adbusters group has started an initiative to produce vegan, hemp sneakers which are produced with fair labour conditions. The shoes have a look similar to Converse (which I wear, buying them prior to them going bankrupt and being bought by the sweatshop baron Nike). Each pair purchased buys shares in the fair trading company, establishing collective ownership and democratised investment.

Al-Qaeda's Computers

The Atlantic has a report by Alan Cullison describing the contents of a computer stolen from Al-Qaeda's office in Kabul, including emails by Bin Laden. It provides an insight into the daily operations of the organisation.

Socially Active Architects

Wired has an interesting article on an architectural design competition for a women's soccer stadium in South Africa as part of a health care project to combat AIDS.

Proof of Evolution

Never underestimate the intellectual power of a flock of sheep to overcome difficulties.

Veggie Cars

My next car (if I ever have to buy one again, one of the joys of living in New York city) is going to run on vegetable oil. Greasel has more how-to information. Wired has an article on the appearance of advocates for biodiesel at the Democratic National Convention.

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